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California Cancer Institute (CCI) is a leader in novel and individualized, compassionate cancer treatment and prevention. We are among the top open minded cancer centers to adopt a comprehensive approach to treatment, to offer programs for strengthening minds as well as bodies, to place a premium on family involvement and spiritual needs and to encourage patients to play a decision making role in treatment selection.

As a result, we are now one of the most personalized cancer treatment organizations in the world. We provide concierge service to distinguished peoples from all around the world. All of our resources have been dedicated to achieve that result and will continue to be. In our Institution, we offer state of the art conventional cancer treatment, including latest chemotherapy protocol, biological agents, monoclonal antibody, targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

We also screen clinical and genetic cancer risks through various programs. Our wellness program is designed to modify patient’s cancer risk. We consult our patients individually regarding complimentary medicine. Our philosophy is personalized service in cancer care.